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By Admin
04 March 2024 10:05 pm

Fifteen medals and fifth on the overall medals table – an impressive day’s work for Bristol Karate Academy at the KSE Murayama Cup.

The event was held at the University of Gloucester’s Sports Arena, and it was a busy one. With five tatamis running simultaneously, there was a lot to watch for our travelling supporters. At times Academy competitors were on four of them at once!

From the start of the day to the end there were performances to be proud of from everyone that took part, not just those that came home with medals around their necks. A very first tournament for one of our group and first wins coming in tough events from others – all exceptional leaps forward.

Amongst those that medalled, there were many more firsts too. Well done to Evert Collard for achieving his first tournament medal in the Cadet Kata (brown belt division) , as he demonstrated the steps forward he’s been making over recent months.

Olive and Scarlett achieved their first team kata gold, alongside Taylor, who has now taken two team golds in the last two events she’s entered. Asha also took home her first medal in her first competition, alongside Luke and Benjamin in team kata against their Academy club mates.

Olive put in a good performance in Cadet Female Kumite, which led to her first gold medal and championship win. A feat also achieved by Scarlett, as she owned the mat in the Female Kyu Grade Kata event.

Benjamin worked through four tough rounds of kumite to become Murayama Cup Champion in his category too, while showing incredible composure. This was Benjamin's first ever kumite gold.

Alongside the firsts, we had many more outstanding performances. Here are the results that put us 5th out of the 41 clubs and federations that medalled at the event:

GOLD for Olive, Scarlett and Taylor in Team Kata (-3rd Kyu)
GOLD for Olive Davies in Cadet Female Kumite (-3rd Kyu, -54kg)
GOLD for Benjamin Griffiths in Boys’ Kumite -140cm (-3rd Kyu)
GOLD for Tim Griffiths in Male 36+ Kata
GOLD for Scarlett Jones in Female Kyu Grade Kata (16-35)
SILVER for Asha Crabb, Benjamin Griffiths and Luke Mashford in Team Kata (-3rd Kyu)
SILVER for Scarlett Jones in Female Junior Kumite (-3rd Kyu)
SILVER for Luke Mashford in Boys’ under 9s Kata (-3rd Kyu)
BRONZE for Liam Mashford in Cadet Male Kumite (3rd Kyu+, -60kg)
BRONZE for Dan Salter in Male 36+ Kata
BRONZE for Caroline Walton in Female 36+ Kata
BRONZE for Benjamin Griffiths in Boys’ 9-11 years Kata (-3rd Kyu)
BRONZE for Luke Mashford in Boys Under 9s Kata (-3rd Kyu)
BRONZE for Olive Davies in Female 12-15 Kata (-3rd Kyu)
BRONZE for Evert Collard in Male 12-15 Kata (3rd-1st Kyu)

Well done to everyone that took part – you should be incredibly proud of your performances throughout the day. Thank you to our band of supporters – the competitors definitely appreciated the noise, energy and kind words that you offered. And a big thank you to our hosts, KSE, for running an excellent day.

Full squad: Quaid Bennett, Evert Collard, Ian Connell, Asha Crabb, Olive Davies, Taylor Gibney, Benjamin Griffiths, Tim Griffiths, Reuben Hothersall, Scarlett Jones, Adnan Mahmud, Josh Mashford, Liam Mashford, Luke Mashford, Nephele Metsiou, Juan Rodrigues, Daniel Salter and Caroline Walton.

Team Manager: Kevin Mashford.