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By Admin
29 January 2024 8:22 pm

A mammoth effort from our kangeiko finishers, who completed a week of early morning sessions on Saturday.

Kangeiko means ‘cold training’. And while it was a relief that the extreme cold of the previous week was out of the way, it was certainly chilly and damp enough, as we started each day with a 6.15am run before the sun was up. And when we’d finished that, an hour of training made sure everyone started each day with a sense of achievement, before many others have had their first cuppa of the day.

Throughout the week the camaraderie kept us going, as we worked through striking drills, pad work, kumite and plenty of kicks, punches and katas. Maybe even the occasional press-up.

By Day 6, we were ready for the celebratory breakfast that was put on after the class had finished. Tea, coffee, fruit juice, pastries and breakfast baps were the order of the day. A time to relax and share tales of the week, around a table full of club mates.

Special congratulations to those that managed to complete the whole week of training, with nine people taking part in all six daily sessions. Certificates will be presented to our 100% finishers throughout this week at training.

Kangeiko Week is one of a number of free events for Academy monthly members. The next up will be our monthly free kumite development sessions, on the last Sunday of each month. If you’re 9th kyu or above and you haven’t yet been to one, get yourself along to see what it’s all about!