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11 May 2020 9:36 pm
Sunday saw the third of our special #StayAtHome Seminars and yet another opportunity to train with a well-known name in UK Shotokan Karate. This time it was the turn of Sensei Holly Bruce (5th Dan), to take to the screen on Zoom as participants trained in their own living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, sheds and garages!

06 April 2020 9:53 pm
Congratulations to our latest group of Warriors for completing their latest Warrior levels, including completing three of their classes online! Children between age 5 and 7 completed their latest certificates, from Warrior Level 1 to [...]

30 March 2020 9:32 pm
While the whole nation is facing unusual situations, so are members of Bristol Karate Academy - but for different reasons.

For the last three Sundays in a row, we've been delighted to host three KUGB Grand Champions! And in many ways the restrictions on contact across the UK were what helped make this happen.


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Traditional Karate in Bristol and North Somerset


The training at Bristol Karate Academy promotes good overall health, fitness and well-being for both adults and children. The concentration, commitment and dedication required can help you or your child to build a strong, confident and determined character.
Karate classes in Bristol for 5-7 year olds


Our Bushido Warriors courses are a great way to have fun in an environment that's especially for children. Over the 12 week programme, we will teach the basics of Karate-Do, from bowing, to kicking, punching and also basic partner work.
Karate classes in Bristol for children


We welcome boys & girls aged 7 and upwards to our regular classes. Whether they want to learn a new skill or just burn off some energy our team of instructors are on hand to help. And if you want to join in too then you'd be welcome, in our family-friendly classes.


You don't have to be young, flexible and fit to start Karate. If you think you'll be the only adult beginner then you'll be pleasantly surprised. When you join us you'll see that we have members of all ages, so you'll always be able to find a suitable training partner.
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