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By Admin
17 March 2020 1:52 am
  • All face-to-face classes cancelled, with immediate effect.
  • Karate classes now move online, streamed straight to your living room – or wherever you are.
  • Download the Zoom app now.
  • Zoom classes start from Wednesday 18th March.
  • Training will be at our usual times. 
With the Government’s advice changing significantly over the last 24 hours, all face-to-face training sessions will stop with immediate effect, with classes moving online for all our members.

The health and wellbeing of our members and the communities that we are part of are critical. And while Government made a clear statement that exercise should still be taken it is clear that face-to-face classes would not be feasible while following the latest guidelines.

But during times of uncertainty it’s a sense of the everyday and routine that helps keep us feeling grounded. Classes can’t continue in schools and village halls but they can continue online. And so – from this Wednesday – whenever there’s a class in our normal schedule we’ll live stream a class straight to you. Turn up when you normally do, but by logging on instead of travelling to the dojo.

This virus won’t beat us. We have a strong community and we’ll stay strong. Together. Training like we always do. No commuting, just hard, honest training. By virtue and industry.

Best wishes,

Tim Griffiths
Chief Instructor, Bristol Karate Academy

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