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03 February 2020 10:38 pm
Pictured: Day 7 Kangeiko finishers.
Pictured: Day 7 Kangeiko finishers.
A big well done to all karateka that took part in our first ever week-long Kangeiko, which finished on Sunday morning! Seven days of extra training – on top of our regular weekly sessions!

Alarms were set early, as training started at 6am so that we could make the most of the morning and be finished in time for school or work. Kangeiko is Japanese for ‘cold training’, and those that joined in got to see why on the outdoor morning runs. On the coldest day – the temperature was narrowly above freezing.

After each run, everyone headed back to the dojo for an hour’s karate. Over the course of the week the classes were varied, with attendees getting stuck in to strike drills, partner drills, padwork, kata refinement and good old fashioned exercise drills.

By the final morning, those that took part had run up to 30 kilometres and trained for some 10.5 hours over-and-above their normal classes! On the final morning, after training was complete, it was time to rest, with a celebratory breakfast of teas, coffees, juices and some exceptional bacon, egg and sausage baps.

While 18 of you joined at least one class over the whole week, nine members managed to join every session and were each presented with a special ‘finishers’ certificate at our usual Sunday morning class.

Thanks to everyone that joined us throughout the week and also to our families for bearing with us with the early starts! How do you feel about doing it all again next year?!