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By Admin
19 September 2019 10:18 am
Bristol Karate Academy’s charity of the year for 2018/2019 was The Transplant Association and we're delighted to confirm that - through all of your kind efforts and donations - we raised a massive £1,091 for the charity. Thank you so much for your generosity.

The Transplant Association has three key aims:
  1. To provide patients and their family and friends to access useful information on all matters relating to Transplant.
  2. To promote the need and understanding of signing the donor register and donor awareness.
  3. To provide funds to support training courses in counselling for nursing staff and their patients and families. 
Thanks to your support, the charity will be able to provide further training courses to continue their great work.

The charity is co-founded by Bristol Karate Academy member, Kevin Mashford, who knows only too well about the importance of the cause. In March 2013, Kevin in the final stage of heart failure and was told he may not live to see that Christmas with his wife and children. But less than two months' later, with the help of the amazing staff of the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle and the lifesaving donation of Kevin's donor, John, Kevin's heart transplant operation was a success. Six years on, Kevin and his three children join Karate classes every week - something that simply would never have happened without his donor signing the organ donor register.

If you have not yet signed the donor register, please do this today. You can do this online right now.  Importantly, please make sure you tell your family about your wishes too.
Following a nomination from Bristol Karate Academy, The Transplant Association was also the Karate Union of Great Britain’s charity of the year for 2018/2019. The Academy's donation was made in part through the KUGB's JustGiving page (£205), with the remaining £886 sent to the KUGB's charity appeal to boost the overall total raised by the association.

The KUGB’s final fundraising total has yet to be announced. We look forward to seeing how much has been raised in support of this great cause that is so personal to Academy members.