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By Admin
18 March 2019 12:52 pm

Congratulations to Academy member, Paul House, who successfully passed his Nidan (2nd Dan) examination on Saturday in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. 

The grading took took place after a 90 minute seminar with UK Karate pioneer Sensei Andy Sherry and former all-styles Karate world championship-winning team captain Sensei Billy Higgins. During the exam, Paul was asked to demonstrate his understanding of Karate fundamentals, his chosen Kata and also to show his Kumite (sparring) skills. It was during the Kumite in particular that Paul stood out, making some notable attacks and one exceptionally well-timed head punch, which sealed the deal as far as the examiners were concerned.

On hearing the result, a visibly delighted and relieved Paul House was lost for words. The culmination of so many years of work manifesting themselves in a single moment.

Paul, who in the late 80s trained with Sensei Bryan Gideon in Backwell, passed his black belt in 1989 under the SEKU association and latterly had a period out of training. He returned to Karate in December 2014, training alongside two of his children, who are themselves brown belts.  But it’s been since 2018 that Paul has really stepped up his training to prepare himself for the challenging leap to 2nd Dan. In this time he has rebuilt his technique: improving the fluidity of his movement, enhancing his hip use and transforming the way he performs during free kumite - all critical to helping him achieve his goal, 30 years after passing black belt.

Paul’s achievement sets a great example to anyone that’s taken a break from sport or Karate and is thinking of returning.  Set your goal and make sure that - whatever you do - you stick to it.

Well done, Paul!