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12 April 2018 9:23 pm
Sensei Andy Sherry after the first of two special classes
Sensei Andy Sherry after the first of two special classes
Bristol Karate Academy were delighted to host the Karate Union of Great Britain’s Chief Instructor, Sensei Andy Sherry, at a special seminar on Friday at Ashton Park School in Bristol. Sensei Sherry inspired over fifty attendees, who turned up to train with the British Karate pioneer - the first Brit to receive a JKA black belt way back in 1966.

Sensei Sherry first taught Karate in Bristol in the late 1960s while helping to spread Shotokan Karate at a point when Bruce Lee films caused a boom in martial arts uptake. More recently Sensei Sherry has become a regular visitor to the city, hosting grading examinations once a year in nearby Nailsea and Backwell since 2013. 

After the first of two classes Sensei Sherry took a grading examination for those looking for a belt promotion. Congratulations to the thirty one Academy members that passed their grading on Friday. The grading group included eight students attempting their first belt test, with all passing in full and one passing two belts in one exam. A fantastic achievement.

Academy coach Tim Griffiths said of the event, “This was the first Academy-hosted grading since Westbury-on-Trym, Backwell and Nailsea came together under the Bristol Karate Academy name and I was delighted to see so many truly stepping up to the mark.”

“Our motto is the same as that of the city of Bristol: Virtute et Industria. And our members truly lived up to it, making the grade by hard, honest training.”

Tim have a final message to the members of the Academy: “Don’t take your foot of the pedal and imagine how good you could be if you continue at this pace.”