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24 March 2018 8:23 am
End of term photo for our latest Warriors
End of term photo for our latest Warriors
Congratulations to our latest group who finished a 12-week ‘Bushido Warriors’ Karate course last night! Fourteen children aged between 5 and 7 learnt to kick, punch and block. Each child also learnt how to apply their blocks and punches with a partner, as well as learning a Karate Kata. 

Seven children were named ‘Warriors’ for the first time, after completing their first ever course, while a further seven showed that persistence paid off by returning to complete their higher level certificates.

The Bushido Warriors course teaches children co-ordination, listening skills and the basics of Karate in a structured but playful environment, using a tried-and-tested programme developed especially for this age group.  Some of the children that started the Warriors programme a few years ago are now preparing for their black belt exam, which is a testament to the dedication to the children involved and to the Karate pathway that our instructors and assistants start each child on.

We’d like to congratulate all of the children that have completed the latest course and to thank our instructors and assistants for their continued support in running a programme that gives each child so much attention throughout the 12 weeks.

If you have a child aged 5 to 7 that would like to give Karate a try – or you know someone that does – then you might like to know that our next 12-week term starts on Friday 20th April at Backwell Parish Hall. To book a space, or to find out more, visit our Warriors page.