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29 October 2017 9:45 pm
Johnny with examiners Sensei Billy Higgins (left) and Sensei Andy Sherry (right)
Johnny with examiners Sensei Billy Higgins (left) and Sensei Andy Sherry (right)
Congratulations to Bristol Karate Academy’s Johnny Barlow, who successfully passed his second dan exam last Sunday.

Johnny - a full time musician - joined the Backwell Karate dojo in 2015 as a first dan black belt, with the aim of passing his next grading. But when he’s not doing Karate you might see him with the band Amsterdam - fronted by Ian Prowse of Pele – who scored a top 40 hit a few years back with their song ‘The Journey’.

Of Johnny’s success Bristol Karate Academy’s head coach, Tim Griffiths, said, “We’re delighted that Johnny has achieved his goal and qualified as a second dan. Johnny is a busy guy. He has just become Level 1 certified in Cross Fit and is also a professional musician, gigging up-and-down the country. In fact he took his grading in October as he is playing the O2 Academy in Liverpool when the next grading exam was due to take place in December. If he’s managed to find the time to study for and then pass his grading then it makes us all think what we could achieve in the same length of time!

“The change in Johnny’s Karate has been transformational. His sparring is unrecognisable and his fundamentals and Kata have also seen big improvements. Now it’s time for Johnny to set a new target and for us to work with him to work towards it.

“The fact that this is the Academy’s third 2nd Dan pass this year is quite incredible and demonstrates the breadth of talent of our members. Passing a grading like this is a massive milestone and gives everyone the inspiration to keep improving and achieving. We’ll be back to the dojo (training hall) this week to get started!”

The grading examination, held in Burton-on-Trent, was overseen by former World Champion Sensei Billy Higgins and the Karate Union of Great Britain’s Chairman and Chief Instructor, Sensei Andy Sherry, himself a 9th Dan.