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By Admin
13 December 2020 7:29 pm
A big well done to our youngest members, who completed the Autumn/Winter term of the Bushido Warriors programme on Friday.

During what's been a challenging year our Warriors have done an amazing job of just getting on with things. With Lockdown 2 taking place during the term, four classes ran online and the remaining eight classes were delivered face-to-face in a safe manner, following all government rules and the rules of our governing body. In the last two weeks we returned to our usual venue of Backwell Parish Hall, to finish things off with our usual certificate presentation.

In the latest term we were proud to see nine children reach the next level on the Warriors programme, with two managing to reach their Level 1 and three reaching our highest level - Level 5. Congratulations to you all!

With youth sports and activities likely to remain open we're delighted to confirm that our next term of Warriors will begin on Friday 8th January 2021, with classes continuing to run from 5.45pm every Friday evening for 12 weeks. If you know someone that would like to get started then encourage their parents to book in as soon as possible as we'll have to tightly restrict numbers again for the Winter/Spring term. More details availabe on our Bushido Warriors page.